Angel species


Species In Merrick Shorts

The angel is a fairy-like species that help run heaven. There are adleast three different ranks for Angels, including the workers, where one is shown here, Guardians, such as Thyra, and upper people such as Jesus who are essentially the leader of Heaven.

Workers are the more common type of angels, as they are normal people who die and end up being turned into an angel. Only female are seen in Merrick Shorts Pilot for some reason.

Guardians are a step higher, and are respected leaders who further help Jesus with his work in Heaven.


Angels are normally seen with a gray outline, but there are some exceptions. Jesus has a black outline, but retains a white/gray coloring, while Thyra looks like most humans, without any sort of outline surrounding the character.


Regardless of rank, Angels are generally hard workers who take their work very seriosuly, but cheerfully. They are kind, and seem very royal to Jesus, which is surprising, as most workers normally don't work as long in Heaven as Guardians.

Rank SystemEdit



Upper Classmen (Non official title)