Mr. Blain is the main antagonist of the series. While he is usually seen as the villain through Merricks eyes, the reality is that he is quite nice, although he does often make rude jokes, it's just that he finds Merrick to be a major trouble maker, so he messes with him.

He teaches history at a constantly changing school.

Baron blain
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Species Human


Blain is often seen wearing a tie of some sort, with a gray-ish suit, and his brown hair waved back.


In the Falco Punch mini, he was shown to have incredible power. He stopped Merricks falco punch with one finger, showing he has immense strength, and that he seems to have powers of darkness, as he is seen at the end to be able to turn a shadowy hue. He is also capable of destroying the earth. He may also static electricty powers. Before he transforms into his shadow form, he has electricity generating on his hands.


  • Despite destroying the Earth in the Falco Punch video, it likely isn't relevant to the series storyline, as it is a Mini
  • During the Falco Punch video, during a scene where Blain tempts Merrick into attacking him, his uniform is seen to change different hues of gray