Blob RPG, which is in it's beta form, version 0.1, is a real-time RPG designed and programmed from Merrick. It features a silent, multi color blob protagonist who can go from area to area to defeat enemies for EXP Points, and leveling up.

Blob RPG
Blob rpg

Blob RPG

developed from Scratch program


The coolest gameplay feature of this game is that Energy, a stat the player has, slowly increases as time goes by in real life. Energy can be used to attack enemies, which earns you EXP (Experience) Points. As your Experience Points increase, the player can grow in levels, which boosts the speed of energy regain, and may also increase your fame, which is for more hardcore players who are intent are meeting every NPC in the game.


The player's main attack is a move with a yellow aura at the end of the character, and this does damage to enemies. The player can also earn the V-Wave move, which pulls in smaller enemies, and does significantly more damage than the charge move.


Blob RPG was first released with nothing but a white background and a few NPCs in an area. You could also fight a few respawning demons, and it was a test for the stat upgrades.

Later, it was released as it is shown now, in version 0.1, including a new attack, called a V-Wave, more NPC's, and more areas to explore.