Gravity Tricks is a game devolped by Merrick. It was a platformer starring a yellow blob that went through three worlds of adventure

Gravity Tricks
Gravity tricks

Gravity Tricks

was developed from Scratch program


Left and right arrow keys controlled the yellow blob in those respective directions, and pressing up caused the blob to soar in that direction, and down to go back to the ground. Platforms on the ceiling could be navigated to make it through certain segments of levels. Collecting the heart in each level will bring you to the next until you complete the world, in which you can pick a different world to play in.

On the fourth level of the tutorial world, there are black blobs that go after the player.

In this game, the player cannot die, but if he gets injured, he will respawn at predetermined areas of levels.


Gravity Tricks has a colorful world of consisting of basic shapes and lines. Levels were drawn through paint.