Merrick shorts guessed

Guess, codenamed Guessed, is a assassin adobted and hired from her father to kill and take over Merrick's jewels.


Guess has fairly long reddish-blonde hair, and wears a red bandana alongside Joey.


Guess and Joey work with a unknown force to kill Merrick for the jewels he has.


Out of the two assassins, Joey and herself, Guess is the most reluctant with her mission, and is also one of the most kind.


Joey - Guess and Joey go back quite a ways, as they were both adobted from the same man, and were both trained to be fantastic assassins. As a result, Guess trusts Joey the most out of most of the characters she meets.

Duayne - Guess tried killing Merrick from atop a tree, but failed when Duayne got in the way and ended up getting shot, angering him. He shot the tree down, which resulted in a rather skeptical friendship later.

She later met with Duayne at a Chinese resturant. Duayne wonders why he has the urge to just "knock her off a tree or something", which makes Guess nervous that he will find out who she truly is, but Duayne cannot connect two and two together and simply answers himself saying "Whatever, your too hot anyway"