Jake is a main character in the series. He enjoys his calm, simple life of writing poetry and his slick spiky brown hair. He is the student of Merrick's school as well as a friend of his.

Jake hurley
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age 15-16
Species Male


Jake is often seen with spiky brown hair, similar to Merrick's, with a blonde strand in it. He is normally seen wearing glasses, and his main choice of clothing normally consists of all gray.

As of 2012, he got a redesign to differentiate him from Merrick.


Jake is a calm, chill dude who likes to sit back and soak in the fun. When he hangs out with Merrick, he is often seen being the voice of reasoning to him, as he is quite knowledgeable, although not to an extent to be the next Nick. He is often dragged into Merrick's crazy adventures, and tries keeping him on track with whats important.


Theme SongEdit

Jake's theme song was uploaded on November 6th, 2011, and is titled "Falling Hope." It was composed by Merrick.



  • Strangely, when Jake has his glasses off in the Merrick Halloween Short, he strongly resembles Merrick.
  • Jake is also first seen in that episode to have a love for tacos.