Merrick Shorts Assassins Greed is the first episode of the Merrick Shorts series that is set to release April 2012. It introduces several characters, including newcomer Duayne and returning cast member Melissa


The episode is planned to be split into three parts to avoid video lag.

Part 1Edit

Prior to this story, Merrick had bought seven cheap jewels he found at a nearby store, which he plans on using for his collection.

At school, Merrick and Nick discuss their friendship while Joey, who heard that Merrick had jewels, gets his gun ready behind a brick wall. Suddenly, Seth runs into his reticle, where he is apparantly on a athlete run around the world, and ends up getting shot and killed. Joey reveals himself, thinking he killed Merrick, but having a look at his wanted photo, he realizes it was actually Seth he killed, so he runs off. As he vanishes, Thyra freaks out, but Merrick points out that Seth always finds a way to come back to life, so he should be fine for now. Nick then tells Thyra that he actually killed him long ago, which makes Thyra use her flame spell to burn Nick in anger.

Merrick and Thyra (Nick is still getting burned) hear from Melissa that they will be going on a Chigaco field trip, so Merrick gets ready to prepare for the trip, when something catches him off guard; Melissa doesn't like the old 'outfit' she's wearing (which is actually her old design from the Falco Punch video), so she rips her clothes off, which makes Merrick turn white and have a nosebleed, and collapses. She simply ripped her costume off, though, revealing her new design.

Part 2Edit

The second part of the video is not 100% accurate yet. Duayne and Guess make their appearance here, and the gang go to Chigaco via school bus and stop at a Chinese resturant, wherein Guess works part time at the resturant to try poisoning Merrick, but Seth, who gets revived at this point, is so hungry he grabs Merrick's poisoned food and eats it, dying yet again.

Part 3Edit

Conclusion of the episode.


This episode has many newcomers, as well as the returning cast. (minus Jake, even though he appeared in the non-canonical side shorts)

Returning CastEdit





Mr. Blain








Ongoing JokesEdit

  • Everytime someone coughs in this episode and drops dead, that is referred to as a "Smokers Cough"
  • Despite being trained assassins, Guess and Joe constantly miss or hit someone else when they fire at Merrick



  • From this episode onward, Duayne will be made into a regular main character, as well as Melissa.
  • One seen character that did not originate from Merrick Shorts is Swifty, who is best known for his "The Beach" and "The Target" series on the Scratch website.