Merrick Shorts Pilot is the upcoming episode that first describes the origins of Merrick, and how he ended up meeting his fellow friends and enemies.

Merrick Shorts Pilot
Season 1, Episode 0
Air date Not aired
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Although not yet published online, Merrick has hinted and shown some footage on the plot of the episode.

Merrick is a pilot, a reference to the fact that this episode is supposed to be a "pilot" episode, and cruises through the skies on Slingshot day when Seth , thinking its a bird, shoots a rock at it, severely damaging his airplane. Instead of using the parachute he has on to float to safety, he instead crash lands on Heaven, which was apparantly nearby.

He goes into Heaven, where Thyra has been tasked with watching over Heaven while Jesus goes to bring someone who died recently to Heaven. Thyra listens to music while he is gone, and doesn't notice Merrick pop in to mess with the weapons. He shoots down a pillar, causing all of Heaven to collapse onto Earth. Jesus comes back, saddened, and demotes Thyra from "Guardian" to "Failure", thus changing her clothing.

Merrick then goes to his high school, where he sees Jake receiving positive feedback on his hair from a unnamed kid. Merrick, assuming he was getting picked on, takes the kid out, but he manages to get up and escape.

The unnamed kid remembers that Nick was having a pool party, and decides to get his mind off the attack by going there. Merrick watches him still at this point, up in a tree, through his pair of binoculars.

Merrick has also shown footage of the interior and exterior of heaven as well as Nick's backyard.