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Duayne, a friend of Merrick in real life, has been teased at being a part of Merrick Shorts Pilot, whether that means a cameo or a huge part in the series remains to be seen (11/28/11)

Previously seen briefly in a Falco Punch scene, Merrick's school has gone through a change, and now resembles a old, wooden house over the previously gray high school. The school name also changed to "East Awesome" (11/30/11)

What Is Merrick ShortsEdit

Merrick Shorts is a collection of shorts being animated and drawn by Merrick Reda, starring Merrick himself on a quest to fight off evil, but taking too many drastic measures that gets him in far more trouble than he needs. Teaming with a bunch of friends and rivals, he aims for his goal of defeating the forces of evil, but also becomes better friends with the people he inconvenienced.

Merrick shorts title screen by davyrox-d4c12qw

From left to right: Mr. Page, Nick, Merrick, Madison, Mello, Seth, Mr. Antel, and Thyra


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