Neo Drive Extreme is a two player shooter developed by Merrick. It is a demo.

Neo Drive Extreme
Neo drive extreme

Neo Drive Extreme

developed on Scratch program


The graphic style is very simple, just like Merricks other demo, Thrill Road, with a bright blue sky with a few clouds making up most of the background, and digital built characters drawn from paint.


Player 1, Davy, uses the left and right arrow keys to move in those directions. You can not move up or down. Pressing space will shoot a ball of energy, which defeats all the UFO's in one hit, with the exception of boss battles.


The game starts with a title sequence, which reveals three options in the game. Pressing '1' will start up the single player adventure, where your goal is to survive a series of battles against incoming UFOs, then fight a few boss battles. You start out with 500 health, and aim for a high score. Pressing '2' will start up the multiplayer mode, which is where Davy and a clone fight each other until ones health bar goes all the way down. Pressin 'c' will bring up a book of rules, which explains the games controls and how things work.


Despite the developer cringing at his graphic style, viewers enjoyed Neo Drive Extreme when it was released.


  • Neo Drive Extreme is Merrick's first effort at making a shooter