Nick miller updated art
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Species Human

"You invited that foul creature? The punk will ruin the whole party!" ~Merrick Halloween Shorts

Nick is a character said to play a major counter role in Merrick's personality. While not his enemy, he's not exactly friendly with Merrick either. He spouts words in higher mathematics and intelligence while Merrick lets it all fly by his head.

Nick created a variety of neat gadgets, including a scanner (which Merrick destroyed by accidently knocking Nick into his backyard pool), a cloning device that Nick uses in a key later episode, and what seems to be a multifiring squirt gun. His intelligence has helped build these one of a kind machinery.

Nick also seems to own a series of large airships known as the Flying Death Mech, although it is unknown if he had bought one or made it himself.


In the Merrick Shorts pilot, after Merrick came and ruined Nick's barbeque party, he swore to get his revenge on him.

In the Merrick Halloween Special, Nick is the leader and owner of a Halloween Bash up in the sky. He wears a black cloak, and has what seems to be a hood over his head.

Nick tries to make a clone of Merrick to destroy any dumb cells in him (future episode), but inadvertently makes not only ten copies of him, but ten dumb ones at that. He tries to vanquish them, but the tiny Merrick's escape. This may be a reference to the recently released game "Kirby Mass Attack."

Neo DriveEdit

Nick makes a surprise appearance in the Neo Drive series as a boss character. He has 5000 HP, and his main move is a fire attack that enlarges and deals major damage. Teleporting is Nick's main means of movement, and does it often.
Nick sprite

When 3/4 of his health goes down, the screen flashes a few times, and Nick's appearance changes and is more powerful than before. He also gains red eyes, wilder hair, and a more menacing look.


Nick is usually seen with a white labcoat, a pair of 3D shades, and black hair.


"It's just that...when I look at your face, I get this weird urge to punch it."



  • Nick originally started out with a shirt similar to Merrick's and blue colored goggles, but has evolved into a more dynamic pair of 3D shades