Seth is a recurring character in the series. He is shown to be Merrick's friend as well as an athlete in the Healthy Vs Junk Food science video. He seems to have a absolute love for food, and would do anything to get the food he wants. He goes as far as accidently killing himself just to get food, as seen in many episodes.

Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age 15
Species Human


Healthy Vs Junk FoodEdit

Seth is first seen in the science video Healthy Vs Junk Food, where he ponders whether to eat his apple or the not as healthy choice of McDonalds. He settles to McDonalds, but before he goes in to order, Merrick ambushes him and tells him to not do it. Seth remains ignorant, and goes in to order, and is then shown fat as a result of the food. He regrets his unhealthy choice, and Merrick agrees.

Merrick Shorts PilotEdit

Seth is then shown in a section of Merrick Shorts Pilot, where he watches Merrick's plane fly by and, since it was slingshot day, fires a rock at it.

Merrick Halloween SpecialEdit

Seth makes his next appearance on Merrick Shorts Halloween, where Seth is apparantly Nick's assisstant for some reason. He sent an invitation to Merrick, unbeknownst to Nick, and orders Seth to bring Jake in, who flings Seth off screen.

He then meets Gnarly and Venus, albeit with a pumpkin on his head, and he gets tackled down. Whatever happened to him after that is still unknown.


Seth has been seen in red in every episode he's in, and has short brown hair and green eyes