Super smash bros. nes

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Super Smash Bros. NES was a collabrative project that took around the length of a year to finish. Merrick was involved in some aspects of the design, such as gameplay and sprites. The collaboration started in 2010.


The game plays very similarly to the actual Super Smash Bros. series. Your goal is to knock your opponent off the stage to get as many kills as possible. You can pull off a variety of different melee and ranged moves, and each character has different traits to make each feel unique.


While most sprites were ripped, others were hand designed by a user named Cainew, who was handling the art direction of the game.


The game idea came from a user named Olivora, who, according to the gallery description, was inspired to get a team together to make a project after "looking at his screen for 5 minutes."

After working on much of the scripting, Cainew and Merrick included, they got to work chipping ideas to make the game a spectacular project. Cainew was assigned Artist, Merrick was Co-Scripter, and Olivora was the main Programmer.

It soon became apparant, though, that Merrick wanted to leave a bigger mark on the project. He tried pitching the idea of having Megaman be in the game, but Olivora was handling the characters, he simply needed them implemented into the game.