"Welcome to Thrill Road!!" -Unnamed Announcer

Thrill Road
Thrill road

Thrill Road

Developed From Scratch Program

Thrill Road is a game developed and published by Merrick Reda, and is Merrick's demo he made. While it is may be in beta form, it is still currently Merrick's best game effort by viewers.


The game involves racing around a pool of water and getting the best time possible. A pool in the center challenges players to go around it without hitting it. A dash pad rests on the left for a speed bosst, and players can hit a bottom ramp to shave off some lap time.

If the player says "1" when the announcer asks how many people will play, it will be a single player experience. If you say "2", a second, blue car will be controlled on the other side of the keyboard. It is also possible to play as a yellow glitched car for a total of 3 people, but only through a hidden code that must be entered in when the announcer is talking.


The game's graphics are very basic, with a brown background that's raced on with different hues of brown for slopes and such. The animation also tends to be only a few frames for each characters.


Two racers, one with a red car (player 1) and another with a blue car (player 2)

Neku Sakuraba (sideline cameo)

Merrick (sideline cameo)

Unknown Announcer


Pressing on the direction of a key on a wall will let the player gain an extra boost over normal driving. While the announcer is talking, it is possible to run him down and make him scream and disappear.


The reactions from viewers were well positive when it came out. Viewer's liked the calm, simple mood, as there were no time limits, and you could drive wherever. Others liked the random cameos from other characters in other series, including Lakitu from the Mario Bros. series, a Yoshi Egg, and Neku Sakuraba as a sideline character.


When using the motorcycle cheat code, players could bypass the sidelines, as the motorcycle collision code hadn't been added. Most everyone was confused about a orb with a "?" mark on it, which slightly resembled a "?" block from the Mario Bros. series. Once gained, a pink ninja star would appear in a box on the top screen, suggesting it to be a weapon. None of the keys, however, would make it work, making some wonder what it does. Merrick himself said that the orb accidently made it into the demo, and it's usage hadn't been implemented at the time. It was supposedly going to make racers slip into the wall.


  • On the top of the screen lies the words 'Delta Games', which was only used for this game as well as Neo Drive