"No worries! You can count on me! I'm a guardian, god dang it, and don't you forget!" ~Merrick Shorts Pilot

Thyra is one of the main character of the Merrick Shorts series as well as the daughter of Jesus. She once was a Guardian until Merrick destroyed Heaven while she was guarding it, and ended up getting demoted to Failure.

Thyra ferguson sprites
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age 15
Species Angel


Thyra is first seen in angel garment that she uses for her duties in Heaven in Merrick Shorts Pilot. She has a gray colored halo hanging above her head, a strap that goes through to supposedly hold weapons, a cross sign on her shirt, and gray pants.

After Merrick accidently demoted her, however, her clothing changes more modern wear, mainly black. She is also seen without her halo after this.

From Merrick Shorts Assassin's Greed onward she will wear a red winter hat with a black dog paw on it.


Thyra is seen as a very kind person who takes things very seriously, but with a smile, and is first shown as an angel in the Merrick Shorts Pilot. But when Merrick destroys Heaven while she was guarding it, she gets demoted and punished by getting sent to Earth.

Ever since then she's been more quiet, studying Dark Magic. She does enjoy hanging out with him, though, and considers Merrick her friend despite the incident.



  • Thyra may not have died like most angels have due to her lack of a gray outline around her